Where am I?

Please note: I generally do not add people to my personal IM, Facebook or Google+ lists, so if I deny your request please don't be offended.







Other IMs:

  • Google Talk: mathew.carley
  • ICQ: 38784084
  • MSN/Hotmail: mgcarley
  • Yahoo: mgcarley

Special Mentions: 

Personal mobile numbers (I don't guarantee picking up unknown numbers):

  • India: +91 (99) 8780-7643 (Please note: This number now reaches Hayai. My personal cellphone number is no longer published).
  • New Zealand: +64 (22) 017-8487 
  • If you're looking for an office phone number, please refer to the contact page on the relevant website.

Elsewhere on the web...

Since I am a member of so many websites, communities and everything else, if you think you've found me somewhere else, let me know. It might be me, but it might also be an imposter (yes, unbelievably, it has happened). Send me a link to the site/profile and I'll let you know if it *is* me or not.