Mathew's Twitter Policy.

I noticed a good friend Andrea Vascellari from the ArcticStartup Community has created a "Twitter Policy". I'm very much in agreement with it, and therefore, I have essentially stolen it and used it for myself. Credit to @vascellari (Andrea: I corrected some of the English grammar/sentence structure).

Due to an increasing number of spammers and a number of other twitter related issues I created this policy which applies to me, my twitter account and who decides to connect with me on twitter.

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Vittu, Perkele, Saatana! The Finnish Immigration Saga of 2008!

Well, actually it was right from the end of 2005, but 2008 was when I finally threw in the towel and moved to India.

I battled Finnish Immigration for 18 months, starting in November 2005, trying to get permission to stay. I was asked to leave the country once (May 2006, which, as it turns out was un-necessary, due to my being supplied with incorrect information). I received my permit in April 2007. I reapplied in March 2008, as I had been told that, with a job etc this would be a simple 2-ish week process to get a new sticker in my passport.


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