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  • Name names or job titles
  • Name companies
  • Tell stories from my point of view - if it appears skewed, chances are, it's too weird to make up AND I can probably cite evidence or have a witness, so think about that before lawyering up.
  • Spread my ideas, wisdoms and philosophies via this pokey little site. If you don't like it, read something else. Preferably using Hayai if you live within our coverage area.

With this in mind, I will not intentionally slander a person or a company - I will simply speak of an experience as I experienced it. Anyone who has issue with anything I have to say can contact me (either via the contact form or in comments) and I'll decide what to do at that time (but as an assertive person who stands by my ideas and words, it is unlikely that I will back down unless either a voice of reason intervenes OR the alternative idea is actually better). Unless I am literally holding a gun to your head*, I am not forcing you to read this bollocks, so if you don't like what I have to say, go and read something else.  Preferably using Hayai if you live within our coverage area.

*As a Buddhist living in an upper-class area amongst Hindus in India, I'm pretty not-cool with violence unless absolutely necessary, such as personal self-defense or self-preservation.

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If you don't like what I have to say, suck it the fuck up. I can be a prick sometimes. Deal with it.

I have been threatened by a team of lawyers working for a major international company (or at least a subsidiary thereof) due to the content on this website (and others). They withdrew the case. While I am not a lawyer, I am no stranger to both local laws (in a variety of countries) and international laws.

Nor am I a banker or an accountant, however I am no stranger to these subjects either. 

This legal fluff may be edited at any time, without warning or notification.