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This website is not recommended for human consumption. If you do decide to ignore this warning, it is at your own peril. If you find yourself poisoned by anything that I write, seek treatment immediately - but don't come complaining to me.

Since being written, some views may have changed or be outdated. Most of the time, when I write on this site, I am:

  • Angry
  • Ranting
  • Venting
  • Otherwise upset
  • Have an opinion about something


None of this should be taken as opinion of my company, employers or whatever. For crying out loud - anyone daft enough to take most of this shit seriously is... just that - daft.

If you aren't comfortable with crude language, crass opinions or being called out in articles and/or comments (or for doing/saying something stupid in the news or on social media or even in real life), the Internet is a big place, feel free to find another corner of it to visit. Preferably using Hayai, if you live within our coverage area.

If you feel the need to write back, feel free to comment (using the form on the page). I don't give out my email address or phone number to contact me "directly". Period. There are no exceptions. Even most of my family doesn't have this information. If you do write back, I also reserve the right not to publish comments - or to tell you by reply email to bugger off, as I have a rather low tolerance for bullshit. If you don't like that, I don't care.

If you do comment, don't be an anonymous coward - I will email you to ask who you are, and if you dignify my mail with a reply, then I'll edit your name anyway. So you might as well use your real name and email address to save us both the time and hassle. Let it be known that I won't show your email address to anyone, and I won't spam you either (mostly because I can't be bothered)

Cool? Good. Sweet as. Go back to reading.

Warning: this disclaimer may be edited at any time, without warning or notification.